Compression TR3 Aero Shirt - White

IDR 1,299,000.00

It is an obsession at COMPRESSPORT® : to always bring more comfort to allow even more performance. This new TR3 range is no exception to the rule and meets the expectations of the most demanding triathletes.

True to the previous version, the TR3 AERO TOP provides a unique ergonomic fit while you are exercising. Indeed, its postural 3D helps to maintain a perfectly straight posture. But this new version additionally benefits from the ON/OFF Ventil'action fiber. By opening its thousands of cells automatically, the ON/OFF fiber increases oxygenation during intense exercise. By closing them again, it protects from the elements and reduces muscle oscillations. Developed with many triathlon champions, TR3 AERO TOP ensures unequaled comfort and allows remaining powerful, even after 8 hours of racing.

Assembled on an ON/OFF shirt (one of the latest innovations of COMPRESSPORT) TR3 AERO TOP benefits from the interactive fiber which breathes with you and controls your ventilation according to the intensity of your exercise.

Neither hot nor cold and always dry.
The unique fabric supports an optimal thermoregulation whatever the temperature. The air circulation allows a perfect balance between exterior and interior. Thus the body always remains at the same temperature.

6 "pick pockets"
Ideal for workouts or long-distance races. Although compartmentalized for better organization, they are easy to access and were tested to avoid bouncing. They avoid useless twisting and help you save energy and stay focused on your stride.

Even more comfortable…
When exercise becomes intense, the zipper can be opened, thus offering maximum freedom to the rib cage while amplifying postural alignment. The protective covering prevents any irritation. The locking head of the zipper does not slip during your stride.

Ergonomic cut
The ergonomic cut, longer behind than in front, as well as the silicone interior, make it possible to have the back remain well-covered even on a bicycle.