IDR 3,999,000.00


When winter has arrived each year, most of us cyclist wind up in a jumble when it comes to staying fast and on form. We come across magazine articles and countless internet pieces that swear to us that the only way to truly train during the off-season is to ride long, slow rides to achieve base mileage. There is no denying that the best and most effective way to train during the cold months is to get out and ride. However, for many of us non-pro cyclists, as the days grow shorter, darker, wetter and colder, yet our work hours stay the same, our riding time and motivation is undoubtedly cut short. For those of us who don't simply have the time to ride during daylight hours, and don't fancy riding in the chill and low visibility of the dark hours, the answer is indoor training. Luckily for us, indoor training is the name of the game for CycleOps.

Rather than surrendering to the unpleasant weather and lack of daylight, bust out the Magneto Trainer and spend more time pedaling and less time washing your bike. As the world's first magnetic trainer to offer progressive resistance, the Magneto increases resistance as you increase pedal speed, so that your effort and speed follow each other on a natural curve. The cool thing is, there is no need for manual adjustments, simply shift gears as you would when riding outside. With a quick load cam lever, you only need to adjust the resistance unit once, keeping your set resistance in-tune ride after ride. In addition to the smooth and quiet functionality, a locking bolt ring and heavy-duty steel construction provide peace of mind as you work toward your objective. CycleOps knows best that your training should be catered to your goals, not the weekly forecast.

  • Not compatible with 29'ers
  • Mag trainer with progressive resistance
  • Designed with PowerBand technology that allows resistance levels to vary with cadence or gear shifts
  • Quick load cam lever for easy resistance unit attachment
  • Centrifugal forces automatically adjust resistance via sliding magnets and springs
  • No adjustment or external shifting device required
  • Includes Race Day training video
  • New quick-release lever; set it once and forget about it
  • 66-68 decibels measured at 36" 20mph
  • Quick-lock bike mount lever on all trainer frames
  • Custom bike skewer provided
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Fits 26", 27" and 700c or 20-24" with optional adapter (WT7025)
  • Resistance: Magnetic
  • Noise Level: Quiet