De Soto

De Soto Men's Riviera Flisuit

IDR 4,000,000.00

Product Dexcription :

The all-new men's Riviera Flisuit from De Soto is the very-first trisuit with a hidden fly! Now you can "go" discreetly on your terms without unzipping or undressing. The longer sleeves are legal for use in Ironman and 70.3 races and provide additional sun protection and comfort on the toughest courses. Incorporating De Soto's 7mm Clasico Integrated Pad for ultimate chafe-free comfort on and off the bike, this triathlon race suit is the ultimate one-piece option for triathletes who don't like racing in a top and bottom combination. It features a 16-inch zipper for ventilation, 3-inch Mobius Comfort Compression Leg Bands, and two (2) Waterlid Pockets that allow you to swim without a wetsuit. With superior refinements for demanding race conditions, the De Soto Men's Riviera Flisuit produces a podium performance, from start to finish!

Great News: Trisuits with sleeves are now legal for use in Ironman and 70.3 races. And it remains legal in many other races not owned by WTC. The Riviera sleeved trisuit was designed for this very purpose, with hydrodynamics as a factor, not just aerodynamics.

Riviera Flisuit Features:

  • NEW- Fli-fly hidden opening in front just above the pad for quick on-the-fly bathroom breaks
  • NEW - 16-inch straight zipper for ventilation, fit and ultimate comfort
  • NEW - 7mm Clasico Integrated Pad is softer, with more stretch, and no irritating seams
  • NEW - 3-inch Mobius Comfort Compression Leg Bands offer more graduated compression without tightness and squeezing
  • NEW - Longer inseam with seamless inner thigh eliminates friction
  • Made with De Soto's proprietary Forza Compressor and Liftfoil fabrics
  • Forza Compressor legs above the Mobius Comfort Compression Leg Bands
  • Two (2) Waterlid Pockets, one on each side of each leg, allows you to swim in this trisuit without a wetsuit
  • Incorporates Liftfoil center panels that make swimming faster without a wetsuit!
  • Shield Del Sol upper body for more sun protection
  • Black modesty panels in the crotch area help avoid saddle stains and offer a more flattering appearance
  • Swim, bike, and run in comfort without changing
  • Race with it under your wetsuit or without a wetsuit