DHB Chamois Cream (200ml)

IDR 199,000.00
Persediaan Habis

dhb Chamois Cream is great for cyclists on a budget. It has a thinner consistency than standard chamois creams, making it easy to apply it evenly. It absorbs quite quickly so we’d recommend for shorter rides (upto a couple of hours) and indoor training.

Top Features of the dhb Chamois Cream (200ml)

200ml Tub
Apply before rides – No need for re-application
Antibacterial – Keeps you feeling fresh and comfortable
Reduces irritation and discomfort – Designed to keep you feeling comfortable in the saddle formulation to protect the skin from rubbing which can lead to redness and irritation during exercise and perspiration.
Contains Almond Oil – Naturally keeps your skin moisturized due to its high lubrication qualities and acts as an Anti-inflammatory

Product Data

MTB: Yes
Road: Yes

Designed To Keep You Comfortable During Your Ride

It is formulated with almond oil to help to prevent saddle sores, chafing and skin irritation.

It is designed as a soft chamois cream with low viscosity. This equates to simple and easy application; with it's anti bacterial qualities enabling comfort on the bike - reducing the risk of saddle sores, chafing or skin irritation that can be caused from friction and perspiration during exercise.


Chamois cream is designed to be applied directly to the skin (avoid intimate areas during application) at the beginning of a ride. In addition the dhb Chamois cream can also be applied to the Chamois on cycle shorts. dhb Chamois cream is suitable for both men and women.


Recommended for short to mid length rides