dhb Safety Buoy and Bag

IDR 999,000.00

Be seen in Open Water

Inflated, this dry bag will follow you as you swim to alert other water users to your presence. Its fluorescent orange colour easily stands out, and the separate, dual air bags (to be inflated once you’ve added your kit) offer more buoyancy than a normal dry bag.

It includes an adjustable belt that attaches securely around your waist, with a leash attaching you to the buoy. The length of the leash has been specifically designed so that it does not interfere with your stroke whilst swimming.

Safety and convenience

As well acting a buoy to help ensure you’re spotted in open water, this product also offers convenient storage for your kit whilst you’re out- so you don’t need to leave it unattended on the beach. With a 28 litre capacity, there’s plenty of room for a towel, clothes and shoes.


1. Make sure the bag is fully deflated before use.

2.Fill the bag with your kit

3.Roll down the top until you reach the 'Foldable Area'

4.Fold & clip the two ends together

5.Inflate using the mouth piece on each side

6.Attach the leash to the clip at the top of the bag, threading it through itself.

7.Attach the waist band to yourself and you’re good to go.