Dhb trinity tri shoes - White

IDR 1,799,000.00

Packed with features to aid transition and performance, the dhb Trinity Tri shoes are a great choice for distances from Super Sprint through to Standard distances.

dhb have used a nylon sole to create the correct balance between stiffness and comfort on the bike. A wide upper strap stabilises and supports the foot, whilst a smaller velcro strap over the toe box area helps to achieve that perfect fit.

dhb have ensured that the Trinity tri shoe is quick drying by using mesh as part of its construction, ensuring you remain comfortable as you move onto the bike. A lightweight synthetic material is used across other parts of the shoe to provide the support and structure you need whilst pedalling.

A crank loop has been included to make it easy to attach the shoes to your bike- speeding up your transition. The heel loop has also been offset to make grabbing it feel more natural, and easier.

The shoe can be fitted with either an SPD SL/Look style three bolt cleat, or - with the addition of pontoons - an SPD MTB-style cleat.