Kask Infinity Aero Road Helmet - White

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Top Features:

Helmet Features:

  • Weight: 260g (medium)
  • Hand operated Aerator to open/close vents
  • Lateral dividers and spacers enable excellent ventilation comfort
  • Eco leather chin strap prevents from allergies and irritation of the skin
  • The internal strengthening frame prevents from secondary impact
  • Octo Fit adjustment system is totally ergonomic and light
  • Guarantees a perfect fit to any kind of head shape


  • Medium 52 - 58cm
  • Large 59 - 62cm

Together with the Pro Team 'Sky', Kask have developed a groundbreaking performance road helmet that is fully vented & fully aero. The vents are quickly & easily opened or closed by adjusting the mobile aerator at the top of the helmet.

The adjustable vents can be partially opened or closed to deliver a regulated amount of ventilation, as dictated by the rider and the weather conditions he/she is riding through at the time.

Infinity Aero Control

Fully rounded profile ensuring that no sharp edges or angles interfere with the airflow. The vents are quickly and easily opened or closed by adjusting the mobile aerator situated on the top of the helmet. Simply moving the hand briefly over the tacky gummy coated aerator is enough to open or close the vents, as required. The vents can also be partially opened or closed to deliver a regulated amount of ventilation as dictated by the rider or conditions.

About Road Helmets

Performance cycle helmets offer unrivalled levels of protection with the absolute minimum of material. They are ridiculously light and feature a series of huge vents, designed to scoop up air and direct it over your head. On long, hot climbs, the difference is noticeable.

In order to cycle on the road or compete in a race it may be a legal requirement in your country to wear a helmet certified to a specific standard or an international equivalent. All helmets sold on Wiggle are certified and labelled with a European CE EN1078 standard. Please check your country’s requirements to see if this is sufficient and if necessary contact the manufacturer to see if this helmet has been additionally certified for your country.

About the Kask brand

Kask has an enviable history of designing and producing safety helmets, born of experience providing protection for those who enjoy mountaineering and work in the building / construction industry. This gives the brand the experience to put rider protection and safety at the top of the list of their priorities when designing cycling helmets. Kask helmets are worn by pro-cycling Team Sky and Dave Brailsford, the Team Principal has gone on record to say <i>"Kask is an innovative company, with a technology based line of products and this suits our needs perfectly. We’re always looking for competitive advantages, using only the best available and always trying to develop the products even further. I believe working with Kask will provide us with another good opportunity to do exactly this"</i> Kask leave nothing to chance, they want to give cyclists the best because, as they say "we love and respect the sport and those who participate, whatever the discipline or level."