Kask Protone "Maratona" Road Helmet - Black Matte

IDR 5,000,000.00

Cicilan 0%

3 Bln 1.500.000/Bln

6 Bln 750.000/Bln

12 Bln 375.000/Bln

Persediaan Habis
  • Aero Control Technology creates an incredibly aerodynamic and top-performing shell, tested in the Wind Tunnel and able to provide an impressive CX rate
  • MIT Technology guarantees higher safety and complete protection, thanks to the polycarbonate layer that covers the shell on the top, on the base ring and on the back
  • In-Mold construction joins the inner polystyrene core to the outer polycarbonate layer to ensure better shock absorption
  • Reinforced frame protects the shell from secondary impacts