orca women TRN wetsuit PINK

IDR 3,799,000.00


The Orca TRN offers exceptional flexibility across the shoulders as it is construction with 2mm Neoprene, flexibility in the shoulders is important for a comfortable, natural feeling swim stroke

Optimum Body Position

Constructed of 2-4mm neoprene for optimum power, correct body positioning and buoyancy in the water. The 4mm smoothskin neoprene over the hips and bottom provides exceptional buoyancy by lifting the swimmer out of the water to ensure the correct body position.

Fast And Long Lasting

The TRN has been finished for performance with a durable easy to access YKK zip and cord, speed transition panels to help you save those precious seconds in transition and a SCS coating on the arms and shoulders to help your suit last longer.

About the Women's Orca TRN Thermo Triathlon Wetsuit

The Women's TRN Thermo sets a new standard for Orca in the entry level triathlon and open water swim wetsuit range. Designed with all the expertise and experience you would expect from 20 years experience. Orca and Wiggle have worked hard to give you a great value entry level/training wetsuit. The Orca TRN Thermo triathlon wetsuit offers 2-4mm Smoothskin Yamamoto neoprene for durability and flexibility, hidden seams for speed, and also thermal protection. The suit offers excellent value for those wanting to have a go at the fastest growing multi-sport or have a spare training suit without breaking the bank.

About Wetsuits

Modern triathlon wetsuits were invented by Dan Empfield in 1987 and are customized to the needs of triathletes, they generally incorporate the following key features which differentiates them from a normal wetsuit. 1, Thinner and/or more pliable rubber near the shoulders. 2, Long zippers to facilitate quick removal during transition. In addition, tri wetsuits have a very smooth, but often fragile, surface. This slick surface helps to reduce water friction and allows a faster swim. Another advantage of a tri wetsuit is the added buoyancy that the wetsuit provides, this can provide triathletes with a considerable speed and energy saving advantage over swimming without a suit.