IDR 1,250,000.00
ROCKBROS Bicycle Helmet Cycling Bike Helmet - TT-30

A sporty bicycle helmet from Rockbord comes with a cover design that can be replaced. The model is also aeordinamic and lightweight, suitable to be combined with your racing bike or MTB.

1 Style 3 Model
This bicycle helmet has 3 cover models that can be changed so that it can look more attractive. Each cover also has other functions, such as a net model to prevent your head from overheating, or a full cover to protect your head from heat and rain.

Rockbros bicycle helmets have a light weight when used on the head. This is an advantage when you are cycling so that it provides comfort, without having to make your head easily dizzy.

Waterproof and Shockproof
This bicycle helmet is also equipped with waterproof protection and is safe in the event of strong shocks due to uneven cycling tracks. You will be more safe and comfortable using it even when it rains.

The bicycle helmet has an aerodynamic design so that when you go fast, the wind does not make your head easily sway.

The items you get in the product packaging:

1 x ROCKBROS Bicycle Helmet

Technical Specifications of ROCKBROS Bicycle Helmet Cycling Bike Helmet - TT-30
Dimension Size: 30 x 10 cm
head: 18 x 16 cm
Others Outside: PC, Inside: EPS
Gender: Men, Women, Teenager
Suit For: Mountain Bike, Road Bike, etc.