ROKA Sports Women's Viper Elite Swim Skin - Black Tosca

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The ROKA Sports Women's Viper Elite Swim Skin is the best value swim skin for the money. Built to bring high performance at a more accessible price point, the Viper Elite compresses your body and streamlines your shape in the water, reducing form drag. The lightweight feel and hydrophobic Teflon® coating offer excellent compression and in-water performance.

Fabric & Fit

  • Viper Elite fabric with very tight fit for sleek performance.
  • Premium knit fabric from a leading Italian manufacturer.
  • Swimskins are meant to be worn on top of a race top/bottom or a race suit only for the swim portion of the race; they are very specific, high-performance garments not meant to be worn alone like traditional swimwear.
  • Swimskins should fit snugly but comfortably without inhibiting your breathing or arm movement; fit may feel different while swimming vs. on land, so make sure to try the suit in the water.
  • Your race kit will affect the fit slightly, so please be sure to try them on and swim in them with your race kit or another suit underneath.

Features & Benefits

  • Women’s swim skin.
  • USAT and WTC legal.
  • Teflon® hydrophobic coating: 
          - Reduces drag and repels water. 
          - Prevents your swimskin from taking on excess water for a lighter, faster fit.
  • High-performance bonded seams: 
          - High-tech, ultra-low-drag bonded seam constriction. 
          - NASA tested this construction mothod with Speedo® in 2008 and found it to be faster than conventional flatlock stitching. 
          - Lighter with a superior stretch and recovery for more durability, water-resistance, and comfort.
  • Low drag zipper and autolocking slider: 
          - Premium, low-profile zipper tape from YKK that has been tested by Speedo® and NASA to be faster than traditional coil zippers. 
          - Special autolocking slider from YKK that makes dangling fabric lanyards totally obsolete. 
          - Slider locks down and won’t open while you’re swimming. 
          - Flip up the zip slider for a quick transition.