Speedo Women's Essential Endurance Legsuit

IDR 999,000.00

Top Features:

  • Bust support -For extra comfort and confidence100% chlorine resistant - your swimsuit won't degrade in the swimming pool
  • Freedom to move - Features 4-way stretch technology fabric, for comfort and softness
  • Endurance+ fabric -Retains its shape and resists fading longer than any other swim material

The design and material composition of the Essential Endurance Legsuit make it the perfect choice for frequent training or leisure swimming; supportive, quick drying and long lasting.

Endurance®+ - Designed to last longer

Endurance®+ uses a blend of PBT and polyester fibres which help to provide high chlorine resistance. Longer lasting fit through wear and use and resists snagging and fading for longer than other swim fabrics. Featuring multi-directional stretch fabric for added softness and comfort, it also provides UVA and UVB protection from the sun.

About the Speedo brand

Speedo produce a fantastic range of swimwear and swimming accesories including swimsuits, swimming goggles, kickboards, swimming fins and pullbouys plus much more. Founded in Australia by Alexander MacRae, a 22-year-old Scottish immigrant who arrived in the country in 1910. The 'SPEEDO' company began when MacRae Hosiery manufacturers, established by Alexander in 1914, extended the manufacture of underwear to swimwear and became MacRae Knitting Mills. This acceptance of swimwear and the introduction of the ‘Racerback’ costume meant it was time for a new company name. A staff competition was held and won by a Captain Parsonson who coined the slogan ‘Speed on in your Speedos’. The SPEEDO name was born in 1928.