Zone3 Activate+ Wetsuit Exclusive

IDR 3,499,000.00

Cicilan 0%

3 Bln 1.166.400/Bln

6 Bln 749.900/Bln

12 Bln 375.000/Bln


Top Features:

  • 39 Yamamoto neoprene
  • SCS Nano Coating
  • 2mm arm and shoulder panels
  • 3mm torso
  • Quick release Cuffs
  • SIZING - If you fall between sizes Zone3 recommend going up a size

The Activate+

1. Quality: Premium #39 Yamamoto neoprene designed to ensure superb all-over body flexibility, comfort, and performance.

2. Speed: Aquadynamic SCS Nano coating applied to the neoprene on the arms, shoulders and all of the way from the torso down the front of the legs to reduce drag through the water and significantly improve durability compared to most other entry level wetsuits.

3. Fit: Panel design and fitting based on research and development conducted through Zone3’s higher level wetsuits. Low collar and raglan sleeve style for comfort. 

4. Flexibility: High stretch 2mm shoulder and arm panels designed to generate a faster swim stroke, help ensure more reach with each stroke and to conserve energy.

5. Buoyancy & Warmth: 3mm neoprene on the torso all the way down to the ankles giving plenty of buoyancy and core support to help promote streamlined swimming.

6. Quick release: Mini Pro Speed CuffsTM on the arms and high stretch nylon panels on the calf for quick and easy removal after the swim. Perfect for a fast transition if taking part in a triathlon.

7. Quality: Downwards YKK zip to enable the suit to go on and off easily.

8. Visibility: Bright coloured arm and leg panels for improved visibility as the arms and legs come out of the water.