Zone3 Swim Safety Buoy & Dry Bag

IDR 799,000.00
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This brightly colored inflatable dry bag is ideal for storing your kit whilst you swim or for use as an inflatable buoy, for increased visibility in open water!

Top Features:

  • Dual airbags which are seperate from the storage area
  • Adjustable dual belt that attaches securely and the leash ensure that the product stays out of your stroke range
  • 28L
  • Lying flat the internal area of the bag measures 50cm x 35cm,


  • Make sure the bag is fully deflated before use.
  • Fill the bag with your desired kit.
  • Roll over the top until you reach the 'Foldable Area'.
  • Fold over & clip together the two ends at the top.
  • Inflate using the mouth piece on each side.
  • Attach the leash to the clip at the top of the bag, threading it through itself.
  • Finally, attach the waistband.

Neon Swimming Dry Bag:

The Zone3 dry bag features dual air bags, which are inflated once you have filled the bag with your gear. The inflation chambers are separate from the storage area, thus providing more buoyancy than just a normal dry bag.

The adjustable dual belt design attaches securely around the swimmer's waist and the leash ensures that the product remains out of your stroke range whilst swimming.

Great For Open Water Swimming

The 28L bag is highly recommended to all open water swimmers who might need to carry their kit when going for a swim, or anyone who wants that little bit of extra visibility to help keep them safe when out in the water.

When the bag is lying flat the internal area of the bag measures 50cm x 35cm, leaving plenty of room to fit your towel, apparel & flip flops etc.

About Floats And Kickboards

Floats and kickboards are an essential aid for improving your swimming technique, floats enable you concentrate on certain techniques, such as holding the float in front of you, whilst just using your legs to propel yourself through the water. The added buoyancy means your body is kept afloat while the legs do the work, you can also use a float between your thighs to isolate certain muscle groups, providing a great all over workout. These inexpensive accessories can make a big difference to your training and help achieve those goals.

About the Zone3 brand

Zone3 is a British brand specializing in Triathlon training and racing products. It was developed by elite athletes at Loughborough University, one of the leading sports Universities in Europe.<br><br> The product has always come first for Zone3. Nothing is more important than making sure that each product is as good as it can be. Zone3 don’t only use sports technology and lab testing but, more importantly, also listening to customers and use their feedback to further improve the range. This has resulted in some of the best product reviews in industry magazines, as well as being the chosen brand of a number of the world’s best triathletes.