Goodr Mick And Keith's Midnight Ramble

IDR 499,000.00


After procuring the requisite saltwater taffy/mescaline composite they demand to fill the holes in their souls, Mick and Keith went for a jog in the black of night and came across a river so blue they could barely believe it. Inspired by that Legendary night we created these black and blue sunglasses.

The night Mick Jagger and Keith Richards wrote Midnight Rambler, the legendary duo not only managed to write one of the most classic rock and roll songs in their extensive repetoire but they also had one hell of an epic night.  We would recount the story for you, but frankly we don’t know the details.  However, the folks at the goodr Center for the Preservation of the Legacy of the Rolling Stones were able to acquire the hotel bill from the Hotel Palazzo Murat where they were staying.  We think this bill does more justice to that great night than we could ever do.