IDR 4,300,000.00
Supremely light and protective, the Kask Valegro Helmet is a headline grabber with it's 180 gram net weight in a small size. The choice of Team Sky on the hottest days of the Tour de France, this helmet combines top rated protection with unparalleled ventilation and comfort, leading you to almost forget that you're even wearing it.

Designed to provide comfort to the rider, the Valegro features 36 full air vents, strategically placed to produce a neat airflow and promote efficient heat dissipation on hotter days. With a helmet to pad contact level reduced by 70%, this helmet assures you of cooling comfort, without pressure being placed upon your head. Breathability is furthered by a fast wicking internal lining and a 3D dry padding. With anti-bacterial and antistatic structuring offering a long life for the internal padding as well as a better user experience, this helmet goes further to make sure it goes unnoticed.