Sidi T-4 AIR Carbon Composite Women's Tri Shoe

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Reinforced SIDI HEEL CUP that stabilizes and supports the heel. Anatomically shaped plastic, reduces heel slip and provides increased power transfer. Provides additional foot protection in the event of a crash.

For walkability, Sidi cycling shoes include a polyurethane REPLACEABLE HEEL PAD.

TWELVE CARBON COMPOSITE SOLE is made with two different materials blended together, nylon and carbon fibre. It is made out of injected Carbon Fiber in a matrix of Nylon. The Nylon used doesn’t absorb water and doesn’t lose rigidity in hot or humid weather or as it ages. The result is a significantly lighter and stiffer sole.

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About Triathlon Shoes

Triathlon racing cycling shoes are designed without compromise to provide the optimum power transfer between your foot and the pedal, a good quality triathlon shoe is a wise investment for performance and weight saving and is often overlooked. High-tech materials and precision manufacture keep weight down and stiffness up, this means your rotational mass is lower and power transfer is higher, resulting in more forward momentum for your effort. The main difference between a Tri shoe and a road shoe is the number of straps found on the uppers, Tri shoes tend to have one large strap for quick and easy removal during transitions, whereas a road shoe will have three or even four straps. For longer distance events such as half and full Ironmans a road shoe could be a wise choice though.

About the Sidi brand

Back in the early seventies, most cyclists just nailed cleats to the soles of their shoes. Of course that sounds crazy to people today. But it sounded crazy to Dino Signori way back then. Sidi’s Genius road shoe is one of the most popular shoes in the professional peloton and it's worn by folks with names like Rominger, Pontoni, and Luperin. But Signori's aspirations aren't limited to the road circuit. The challenge he’s set for himself and for Sidi is to provide every kind of cyclist with the best shoe for the job it road, off-road, cyclo-cross, or even triathlon. Granted, a lot of people might think trying to be the best at everything is crazy. But then again, a lot of people thought nailing cleats to the soles of their shoes was a good idea.