Stolen Goat

Stolen Goat Men’s Limited Edition – Crowded By Sit Cycling Jersey

IDR 1,800,000.00
Persediaan Habis

Part of our Artist Collection

We have teamed up with The Scarlett Gallery and artist Sidney Waerts (aka SIT), to bring you a true work of art. SIT created an art piece called ‘Crowded’ (featured in The Scarlett Gallery, Stockholm) incorporating a monochrome crow design in true SIT style.

Crows feature very heavily in Sidney Waerts’ work and here is why, according to the man himself:

“The crow has a kind of beauty that is difficult to grasp with the naked eye. It often stands for darkness and death, but this bird also symbolises life: it’s only by shining a ray of light on the black whole, the crow might reveal its details and mysteries to us”.

If you love this artwork and wish to purchase a print, you can do so via The Scarlett Gallery website here.

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  The stolen goat Bodyline Jersey has the following core